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Largest Manufacturer of Lab Grown Diamonds

A part of the New York based Shashvat Diamonds Inc., Classic Grown Diamonds specializes in Lab grown diamonds of various shapes and sizes. So whether you are looking for large solitaire diamonds or small loose diamonds , we have the technology and skill for every requirement.

Our Vision

Provide a choice in Sustainable, cost-effective and beautiful lab grown diamonds.

Our Mission

To create the highest quality, pure and conflict-free lab grown diamonds, enabling a thought shift from mined diamonds to Sustainable, lab grown diamonds.
Lab Grown Diamonds


At Classic Grown Diamonds, we firmly believe that in order to create something beautiful.

Production/Formation Time
More than a million years 5-15 days
Chemical Properties
A mineral composed of carbon
Same as mined diamonds
Price Quite Expensive
50-60% cheaper than mined diamonds.
Origin mines.
They are Sustainable and completely as they’re lab-created.
Effect on the environment Lab-made diamonds don’t harm the environment at all as they’re man-made.
Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds, also known as lab diamonds or manmade diamonds, is a diamond which is produced artificially. It has the exact same chemical and physical properties. It is made with the same atmosphere as below the earth. It is made with the carbon atoms which is formed in the crystalline form as in the diamond.

Due to its low cost with same properties, these diamonds are in large demands all over the globe. The person, who cannot afford to buy a natural diamond, can buy these manmade lab grown diamonds which is same as of the natural diamonds.

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