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Small Loose Diamond

Today, jewellery has become much more than something you just buy after visiting a couple of stores. It’s more personal, and buyers prefer to customize it to suit their individual requirements and tastes. Therefore, loose diamonds (diamonds that haven’t been set into any jewellery) have also become a popular choice for buyers looking to customize their jewellery.

When buying small loose diamonds, or any other diamonds, a buyer should consider the 4 Cs: cut, colour, clarity and carat, four aspects that allow a buyer to determine the quality of a diamond.

Cut is different from shape. Shape concerns whether the diamond is round, emerald-cut, or pear-shaped, for example. Cut concerns how the facets cut into a diamond reflect and refract light. The cut of a diamond has a great deal to do with how it looks to the naked eye - how it sparkles.

Color determines how much yellow tinge is present in the diamond. The scale, from "D" to "Z," covers diamonds that are colorless to those with a faint yellow tinge. Some diamonds in the "H-J" range may appear nearly colorless, but much "warmer" than diamonds with less color. They are also usually less expensive.

Clarity refers to flaws or "inclusions" in the diamond. These grades range from the very rare flawless to "slightly included." These S1 or S2 diamonds generally have inclusions that are not visible to the naked eye, but appear under any strong magnification. A better choice might be to look for diamonds rated VS1 or VS2 - very slightly included.

Carat is often thought to regard size, but in reality, it refers to weight. Of course, a heavier diamond is usually a larger one, but carat does strictly mean weight.

While this may seem too complicated, it’s always better to be extra careful while choosing your perfect diamond. After all, they really make your special occasion even better!

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