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A part of the New York based Shashvat Diamonds Inc., Classic Grown Diamonds specializes in lab grown diamonds of various shapes and sizes. So whether you are looking for large solitaires or small, loose diamonds, we have the technology and skill for every requirement.

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Lab grown diamonds are 100% just as pure as mined diamonds, so much so, that it’s difficult to really tell the difference between both. In fact, though synthetic, our diamonds are IGI certified, with a guarantee of purity.


The diamond-mining process is an extremely energy-intensive and ecologically invasive procedure that harms the earth in ways that we cannot even comprehend. That’s why the man-made process of growing diamonds in labs is so eco-friendly.


While the diamonds that are mined normally take centuries to develop fully, CVD diamonds can be grown in the lab in a couple of weeks.

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Lab Created Diamonds for Sale

As they’re grown in a controlled environment, the processes used for lab created diamonds are extremely safe and pose no threat to the people working on them. As a result, these diamonds are also blood-free diamonds. On the other hand, the mining process is not only dangerous for the miners, with risk being a major part of their lives, it also adversely affects our fragile eco-systems


Lab grown diamonds are almost 50-60% cheaper than mined ones, with absolutely no difference in quality and purity. Just imagine a bright, sparkling diamond at practically half the cost!


Whether you’re looking for small loose diamonds, solitaires diamond or anything in between, we have the perfect options for you.

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Lab Grown Diamonds for Sale | IGI Certified

Lab-grown diamonds are generally produced by two main methods, considered to be the very best in the...

Round Brilliant Diamonds

The round cut diamond is by far the most popular diamond shape available today, accounting for approximately 75% of all diamonds sold.

Princess Cut Diamonds

Right behind round cut, the princess cut is second in terms of popularity. With pointed corners, it is traditionally square in shape and with a high visual appeal and unique cut.

Cushion Cut Diamonds

The cushion cut has a square or rectangular outline with rounded corners. While the preferred shape has a 1:1 ratio, we most often see it in a slightly elongated shape.

Emerald Cut Diamonds

The emerald-cut is among the most classic of diamond shapes and is usually cut into a rectangular shape. Its clean lines come from step-cutting, or parallel line facets, and it is always cut with blocked (cut) corners

 Fancy Shaped Diamonds

Besides the common shapes mentioned above, we also offer a wide variety of fancy shapes, from the Radiant cut to Pear, Oval and Asscher.

Princess Shape Diamonds
Princess Shape
Round Shape Diamonds
Round Shape
Cushion Shape Diamonds
Cushion Shape
Emerald Shape Diamonds
Emerald Shape
Heart Shape Diamonds
Heart Shape
Marquise Shape Diamonds
Marquise Shape

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