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Classic Grown Diamonds Participates in International Jewellery Fair, London!

Classic Grown Diamonds feels honoured to be able to participate in the International Jewellery Fair, London. In this 3-day event, which started on the 1st of September, the leading brands around the globe came together to exhibit their finest creations. The event took place at Olympia, London.

The fair was hosted and organised by International Jewellery London (IJL). This trade fair is a one of a kind event in London, and it was a prestigious opportunity for Classic Grown Diamonds to inspire and get inspired; to discover the latest industry trends, and to build meaningful industry relationships.

During this event, Classic Grown Diamonds interacted with diamond retailers as well as consumers. While showcasing the fine gems of their creation, Classic Grown Diamonds took this opportunity to forward the cause of Lab Grown Diamonds, and spread more awareness.

Many buyers, who weren’t familiar with Lab Grown Diamonds before this, are now willing to give these sustainable diamonds a chance. They saw the glittering gems for themselves and couldn’t tell them apart from the mined diamonds. Also, they realised that lab created diamonds are more affordable.

Through discussions with Classic Grown Diamonds, several diamond retailers are now eyeing Lab Grown Diamonds as a favourable investment and a lucrative business opportunity. To summarize it all, Classic Grown Diamonds is thrilled at the success of the event.

So, are you eyeing Lab Grown Diamonds as a future investment? Reach out to Classic Grown Diamonds. Let us together discuss a glamorous and prosperous future!

The Shift in Perspective about Diamonds

Classic Grown Diamonds specializes in lab grown diamonds of various shapes and sizes. So whether you are looking for large solitaire or small, loose diamonds, we have the technology and skill for every requirement. Classic Grown Diamonds is an arm of Classic Grown Diamonds; it targets the markets in European countries like Belgium, Italy and the United States.

At Classic Grown Diamonds, high-quality Lab Grown Diamonds are sustainably created with the finest material to reduce adverse impact on the planet. As far as chemical properties are concerned, these diamonds are identical to mined diamonds. Even experts have a hard time differentiating the two!

We sell only certified diamonds to maintain industry standards in the quality of cuts and material. Our diamonds are IGI, GCAL and GIA certified.

We have a wide collection of lab created diamonds (also referred to as lab grown diamonds), solitaire diamonds and manmade diamonds which are chemically, physically and optically identical to 100% mined diamonds.

We also offer small loose diamonds & Lab grown diamonds at cheapest prices.

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