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Role of Shaped Diamonds in Vintage and Antique Jewelry

We all know that with time things get better, but there’s a certain charm about the olden times that many of us can’t resist. Well, not every object in the modern world has been able to retain its ancestral version, but you’d be happy to know that the diamond has achieved this feat with the precious Antique cut diamond.

Vintage and antique jewelry is an industry that’s going up in revenue every year. As the jewelry gets older, its value increases and thus the price. The Antique shaped diamonds offer a soft and charming appearance when compared to modern cut diamonds. Their most distinguishing feature is that they’re not as blingy or sparkly but support a larger faceting and a romantic look. The jewels bearing antique-shaped diamonds require special customization, which gives the opportunity to design a completely customized ring.

Also, these beautifully shaped diamonds make for an excellent choice for those who love vintage styles and also demand uniqueness. So rather than owning a diamond that’s like any other diamond in the market, you can wear a piece that’s truly one-of-a-kind. If you are still not sold on these vintage-shaped diamonds, know that they are also environmentally sustainable and socially responsible, as they require little resources from the environment and people to turn into a masterpiece.

However, Antique cut diamonds are not available in abundance. These diamonds were mined and cut anywhere between the 1300s and the 1930s. So, as the process of extracting those diamonds doesn’t exist anymore, we can’t get more than a limited number of these. This is where lab grown diamonds come in with their unique customizable characteristics. Since lab grown diamonds can be made into any shape, size, and clarity, we can create as many vintage-shaped diamonds as possible.

With lab grown diamonds in the picture, we can see more new varieties of vintage shaped diamonds, because all we need is new antique designs from contemporary artists that can be incorporated into the machine design. The one major drawback of vintage style jewelry is its lack of bright and shiny colors. As shaped diamonds are made in a controlled environment, the desired shine can be added with the click of a few buttons. Not just the design, but the price can be well controlled through the economical process of making lab grown diamonds. A lab-shaped vintage-style diamond ring can be at least 20% cheaper than its mined counterpart.

And most importantly, the vintage style diamond rings will reach a larger section of diamond lovers and will never go out of existence. So when are you getting your antique diamond ring?

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