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Are you a diamond seller or a diamond lover? To tell you the truth, it doesn't matter. If you have heard the word 'diamond' in the past 12 months; you must have heard them talking about lab grown diamonds. These diamonds come in all sorts of fancy shapes, and are rapidly growing in popularity. Over the last year, lab grown diamonds have had to withstand a lot of scrutinies. Sturdy as they are, they have managed to emerge unscathed.

Currently, Lab created diamonds form a small part of the trade. Yet they have managed to shake up the whole industry. These manmade diamonds have the potential to redefine the way people look at diamonds. In the past few months, these precious gems have done quite a bit to shape perspectives and influence purchase patterns.

Are you for or against lab grown diamonds? Should you or should you not invest in them? Have you taken your stand yet or are you still deciding?

Before you make up your mind, here is what industry experts have to say about the future of lab grown diamonds:

Lab grown diamonds are expected to grow by 22% annually - Industry experts have forecasted that the lab grown diamond industry will grow by 22% annually. Much of this growth will happen due to development in technology which should perk up production economics and lower price.

Sale of lab grown diamonds has increased eight-fold - Yes, it is true. According to an analysis by the experts, the sale of lab created diamonds has gone up eight-folds over the past 18 months. Now the question is: At this rate, will lab diamonds pose a threat to the mined diamonds or will it be a good old side product? What do you think? Will mined diamonds and lab grown diamonds co-exist peacefully or will they interfere with each other's markets?

Fun fashion but not engagement material - You know how they say that diamonds are forever. And, they are, indeed. For decades now, the mined diamond industry has thrived by pitching real diamonds as the ultimate symbol of everlasting love. You see, mined diamonds are non-renewable; they happen once in a lifetime. So, it all fits. But, the entry of lab-grown diamonds has changed all that. Diamonds can now be created in labs.

In a smart attempt to separate the two, DeBeers has positioned LightBox, its lab grown diamond retailer, as fun fashion as opposed to engagement material. But, will this argument hold in the future when buyers are offered a lab grown diamond twice the size of a mined diamond for the same price? This, too, remains to be seen!

The Conclusion:

Lab grown diamonds are here to stay. Lab grown diamonds have the same chemical composition as mined diamonds. They are identical in every way. And, loose lab grown diamonds make for a lucrative investment opportunity with a promising future. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us today!

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