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How much is the cost difference between Natural Diamonds and CVD Diamonds?

In the last couple of decades, CVD diamonds have shot up in the demand through increased awareness and popularity. With the internet and global trade of diamonds to every location, people have begun to understand that lab-grown diamonds are made in a lab through the CVD process, which replicates how mined diamonds are formed inside the surface of the earth. CVD diamonds are identical to natural diamonds and are 100% authentic diamonds. In fact, it is impossible to differentiate a CVD diamond from a natural diamond without specialized equipment. But the narrative of lab grown diamonds gets complicated from here on, especially when it comes to understanding the price difference between the two. The lab grown diamonds are at least 50% less costly than natural, mined diamonds. Therefore, put together everything to comprehend this complex topic in this article, so that you have all the information for making an informed choice.


Though the popularity of lab-made diamonds has risen in the last couple of decades, natural diamonds have been around for centuries. Thus, the demand for mined diamonds is way more than for CVD diamonds. Also, the mined diamond market is very well controlled and the supply is kept in check to keep the prices steady. Also, the diamond mining process has been there for years and it’s trusted by the diamond-lover community. Laboratories, however, have just recently come into the picture. In fact, most diamond lovers are still not convinced of the fact that an object as beautiful as a diamond can be created in the white-washed walls of laboratories. Therefore, the demand plays a great role in the price tag of these diamonds.

2.Benchmark of Diamond Pricing

For mined diamonds, there is an industry-wide standard for the prices at which they can be sold to consumers. This price range is set by establishing a baseline diamond price and then adding the subsequent factors of color, clarity gradings, and carat weight. No standardized pricing range exists for lab-grown diamonds. The prices of CVD diamonds usually depend on many factors like the quality of equipment used, and the level of expertise of the staff overseeing the diamond growth, among other factors. These are hard-to-measure factors and it will take some time for the prices to be uniform across the globe.

3.Resale Value

Both mined diamonds and high-quality CVD diamonds also come with a grading certificate providing confirmation of their features. There are two major independent bodies that provide this certificate such as the IGI (International Gemological Institute) and the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), with the IGI being the widely recognized standard for lab-grown diamonds. Despite being judged by the same organizations on the same scale, the resale market value of natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds is different. This is because many natural diamond retailers provide a trade-in policy on the basis of the fact that the future prices of diamonds will be higher than the current policy. Whereas, the future of CVD diamonds, though promising, is very uncertain to take that bet on. The world will need to hold tight and witness how the journey of CVD diamonds unfolds from here.

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