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Cushion Cut Diamond: Best Tips on Cushion Cut Diamonds Wholesale

Lab grown diamonds come in a number of shapes, each of which has its own appeal. Take the round brilliant cut for example. With its numerous facets and glaring brilliance, the round brilliant cut is all about elegance. The princess cut, with its straight sided rectangular outline enunciates for a sharp style statement. The emerald cut is all about sophistication, but when it comes to the cushion cut, it screams vintage. Wouldn't you agree?

The Origin of the Cushion Cut

The origin of the cushion cut dates back to the 19th century. Named after the old Brazilian mines, the cushion cut was earlier called the mine cut. Though very similar in shape, the mine cut had 58 facets while the modern cushion cut has 64 facets. It is said that the cushion cut, as we know it today, has drawn inspiration from other cuts such as Peruzzi and candle cuts. This cut has come a long way since its inception, thanks to the evolution of the diamond cutting and cleaving process. Many of the world’s most famous and the largest diamonds like the Hope Diamond (45.52 carats) and the Regent Diamond (140.5 carats) happen to be in the cushion cut.

The Cushion Cut Lab Grown Diamond Is Trending

The cushion cut lab grown diamond is in news currently. Perhaps, it is the overall appeal of this spectacular cut? Or maybe, it is the fact that Lightbox, the lab grown diamond retail brand by De Beers, has recently added this trendy cut to its collections.

The cushion cut was very popular during the Victorian and the Edwardian eras. In the present day and age, the cushion cut continues to be a rage among the bridal buyers; it has done especially well in this season. The wedding shoppers seem to be completely taken in by the vintage appeal of the cushion cut lab grown diamond.

Unique Features of the Cushion Cut Diamond

The cushion cut is also known as the pillow cut or the candlelight cut. As the name suggests, the cushion cut lab grown diamond has a square to rectangular shape with rounded corners which closely resembles a pillow. It usually has 58 large facets which allow greater light dispersion, thereby adding to the more fire and brilliance of the cut.

The cushion cut was first spotted in the 19 th century, and it has come a long way since then. The modern day cushion cut may be described as a cross between the old mine cut and modern oval shape.

In this cut, the lab grown diamond looks chunkier and more radiant. The enlarged culet associated with this cut creates a distinctive look. According to Lumera Diamonds, "Many buyers are attracted to the antique feel combined with modern performance offered by the cushion cut."

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