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Lab Grown Diamonds

Having said that, what really setsus apart from others and why should you buy from us?


Beautiful and a delight to use!


Youwould never compromise when it comes to your diamonds, and that’s why, ourdiamonds are of top-notch quality and an absolute delight to use. Right fromthe cut to the clarity and carat, each diamond is practically a work of art.


Quality that speaks for itself!


It’s a fallacy that lab grown diamonds are in any way inferior in quality to mined diamonds. In fact, while both are exactly the same with regards to quality, lab made diamonds are also a lot more affordable and eco-friendly than mined diamonds. In fact, our diamonds are 100% pure and IGI certified, with none of the issues associated with mined diamonds.


A leader in the Lab Grown Diamondsmarket!


Whilethe concept of lab grown diamonds may be new, we have conducted in-depthresearch in order to identify the best techniques that will result in brilliantand beautiful diamonds, perfect for your special occasion.


Responsible & Affordable


Asthey’re created in a controlled environment, lab grown diamonds are formed within the space of a few weeks, withabsolutely no damage to the environment. As a result, they are not only aresponsible choice, but also a lot more affordable than mined diamonds.


A reputation for innovation!


Withcomplete control over every aspect of the designing and creation process, welive by the mantra of constant innovation and always aim to reinvent ourtechnology and designs on a regular basis.


Top-notch service and support!


Our highly-qualified team is made up of diamond experts and specialists who have an established reputation in the industry, and work with you to help narrow down the perfect diamond for your requirements. 

We have a wide collection of lab created diamonds (also referred to as lab grown diamonds, man made diamonds, CVD diamonds, solitaire diamonds and synthetic diamonds) which are chemically, physically and optically identical to 100% mined diamonds.
We also offer small loose diamonds at cheapest prices.
For more details, Call us on - +1-848-667-3667 or submit an Inquiry at sales@classicgrowndiamonds.com now and get upto 70% of on all Diamonds.

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